Monday, March 14, 2011

speech for Farewell day--VOte of thanks

Respected  Principal, Vice- Principal, Director, teaching  faculty, non-teaching  faculty, management  faculty  and  student-engineers.

We  wish  to  thank  everyone  for  what  you  have  done.
We  this  day , have  gathered  here.
We  thank  the  outgoing  students  for  being  with  us   this  evening.
We  pray  Lord  Almighty  for  their  well-being  and  success  in  their  career.
Their  farewell  lets  us  shed  down  ‘ women’s  weapons , water  drops,’   as  William  Shakespeare  has  remarked.
We  thank  everyone  who  assisted  us  for  making  this  function  a  memorable  one.
We  thank  you  for  being  with  us.
Thank  you  !


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