Monday, March 14, 2011

speech for Farewell day

Welcome  Address—Farewell  Day  Festivity

Respected  Principal, Vice- Principal, Director, teaching  faculty, non-teaching  faculty, management  faculty, teachers  and  the  taught, a  warm  welcome  to  everyone  here.
Today, we  host  the  valediction  day. A  day  in  which  we   host  a  farewell  to  the  outgoing  students  of  engineering  college. The  existing  students  bid  farewell  to  the  outgoing  students.  A  full  academic  year  has  passed  by. A  full  year  of  tuition  and  learning. And  now  it  is  farewell. It  is  with  nostalgic  memories  that  we  meet  our  outgoing  students.
Hence, to  suit  the  occasion, we  host  this  farewell  function.

We  welcome  one  and  all  here.

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